How can I find out if ION Life is available in my area?
You may enter the zip code for your local area here to check the availability of ION Life.

Where can I find the website for a particular program?
Below you will find a list of the programs that have current websites:
  • Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag:
  • At Home With Didiayer:
  • Breeder Of The Pack:
  • Bulging Brides:
  • Chef at Large:
  • Colour Confidential:
  • Diva on a Dime:
  • Esther Extraordinaire:
  • Fearless In The Kitchen:
  • For Your Home:
  • Fresh with Anna Olson:
  • Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr:
  • Intelligence For Your Life:
  • Makeover Wish:
  • Now Eat This With Rocco Dispirito:
  • On The Spot:
  • Real Designing Women:
  • Reality Obsessed:
  • Room to Grow:
  • Southern Fried Fitness:
  • Style by Jury:
  • The Listener:
  • Til Debt Do Us Part: http://www.slice.ca/til-debt-do-us-part/
  • Your House & Home:
How can I find out when a specific episode will air again?
We recommend checking your local listings to find future air dates and times for programs/episodes. You may find local listings by visiting one of these sites: www.tvguide.com, www.titantv.com and www.zap2it.com.

Can I watch full episodes on the network website?
Full episodes are not available for viewing on the network website.

How can I report a technical issue?
You can report an issue by contacting us or you may call our Viewer Hotline at 888-467-2988