Anna And Kristina's Beauty Call

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In each episode, hosts Anna Walner and Kristina Matisic attempt to dress someone who's looking to add some sizzle to their style. Armed with only $500, a fascination for fashion, savvy shopping skills and the invaluable advice from the best in the business, Anna and Kristina try to land a look that will impress not only our closet-challenged candidate but a famous fashionista to boot.

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Today at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Sandra Is Organizing A Benefit

Anna and Kristina uncover tricks wardrobe stylists use to make A-listers look like superstars, and their fashion sense will be judged by a real haute couture designer.JUDGE: Malene Grotrian Haute Couture DesignerTIP FROM THE TOP: Vassilios Kostetsos Fashion Designer

Today at 10:30|9:30c AM

This Episode: Tall Order

Anna and Kristina discover which trimmer produces the perfect stubble. They find that buying clothes for a six-foot-five guy is a tall order indeed, and investigate tattoo removal.JUDGE: Dean Khial Vice President, Kitson (LA)TIP FROM THE TOP: Paul Marlow Fashion Designer

Tomorrow at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Hot Mama

Anna and Kristina take a look inside the workings of the humble bra. Then, when they design a new sexy look for a pregnant woman, they find that maternity only takes you so far. And a trip to New York City for budget shopping ends up a little haywire.JUDGE: Marta Abrams Designer, Moody MamasTIP FROM THE TOP: Victoria Beckham Celebrity / Fashion Designer


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