Anna And Kristina's Beauty Call

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In each episode, hosts Anna Walner and Kristina Matisic attempt to dress someone who's looking to add some sizzle to their style. Armed with only $500, a fascination for fashion, savvy shopping skills and the invaluable advice from the best in the business, Anna and Kristina try to land a look that will impress not only our closet-challenged candidate but a famous fashionista to boot.

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Today at 11|10c PM

This Episode: Fun In The Sun

Anna and Kristina take an infomercial product for a test drive. When unpredictable supermodel Janice Dickinson judges Anna and Kristinas look, anything can happen. Then, they find the best eyeglasses to frame different-shaped faces.JUDGE: Janice Dickinson The Original Supermodel

Today at 11:30|10:30c PM

This Episode: Vacation Vixen

Anna and Kristina are in vacation mood as they test out the latest body bronzers and find the secret to tussled, sex-on-the-beach hair. Theres another high-stakes shopping romp on behalf of a viewer, with the look they pull together judged by Queen of the Beach, celebrity designer Ashley Paige.JUDGE: Ashley Paige Bikini DesignerTIP FROM THE TOP: Nicole Chavez Celebrity Stylist

Tomorrow at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Dud To Stud

Anna and Kristina agree to dress a hunky student who wants to go from text book geek to hot stuff chic. Plus, the girls look at posture and reveal Hollywoods sweaty little secret youll be surprised at what stars are prepared to do to keep their cool on the red carpet.JUDGE: Jason Trotzuk Founder / Designer, Fidelity DenimTIP FROM THE TOP: Christophe Lemaire Artistic Director, Lacoste