Anna And Kristina's Beauty Call

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In each episode, hosts Anna Walner and Kristina Matisic attempt to dress someone who's looking to add some sizzle to their style. Armed with only $500, a fascination for fashion, savvy shopping skills and the invaluable advice from the best in the business, Anna and Kristina try to land a look that will impress not only our closet-challenged candidate but a famous fashionista to boot.

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Tomorrow at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Sexy In The Country

Fussy Fashionista Peter Ishkhans delivers his verdict after Anna and Kristina embark on a shopping romp for a viewer who wants to look hip and sexy, Country style. Plus, the girls bring men to heel for a look at shoes we love and the men that hate them!JUDGE: Peter Ishkans (aka Peter Perfect) TV PersonalityTIP FROM THE TOP: Campbell mcauley - Celebrity Hairstylist

Friday, April 25th at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Old School

Hunky James the Firemen goes old school Vegas after Anna and Kristina get their hands on him! Fashion tyrant Lawrence Zarian gets to judge their new look for him at the end of the show. Plus, A&Ks Guide to Good Socks and Dr 90210 on male style and beauty.JUDGE: Lawrence Zarian (aka The Fashion Guy) TV PersonalityTIP FROM THE TOP: Jay Andrews Buyer, Kitson (LA)

Friday, April 25th at 7|6c PM

This Episode: Bringing Sexy Back

Eileens a lovely girl too bad she slicks her hair back with bangles and wears baggy clothes. Anna and Kristina have $500 and one afternoon to shop for a new look for her and bring sexy back. Plus another fun consumer test - this time, the girls are checking out bang extensions. JUDGE: Nick Verreos Fashion Designer / TV PersonalityTIP FROM THE TOP: Martin Christopher Celebrity Make-up Artist