Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag

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Experienced hosts Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic (Anna and Kristina's Beauty Call)  put popular cookbooks to the test. In each episode, they try out and review recipes, ingredients, appliances and food preparation techniques to see if the average cook can re-create the beautifully photographed meals. At the end of the show, a guest chef gives a final evaluation of the meal and decides if the cookbook delivers the goods.

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Tomorrow at 12:30|11:30c PM

This Episode: Entertaining With Booze

Anna & Kristina have been known to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but cooking a meal where every recipe contains alcohol might be too much even for them! A test of different preservation methods finds out the best way to store leftover wine.

Tomorrow at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Small Bites By Jennifer Joyce

Anna and Kristina love hors doeuvres but will a cookbook full of Small Bites prove that bigger is not always better? And Anna and Kristina follow the old adage: when life gives you lemons, test lemon juicers.

Tomorrow at 4:30|3:30c PM

This Episode: Chinese

Without a fortune cookie in sight, Anna and Kristina get a crash course in real Chinese cooking from the pages of Chinese Kitchen. A chopstick test pits Anna and Kristina against some tough competitors and theyre only nine!