At Home With Didiayer

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In season one, Didiayer takes her audience on a healthy lifestyle journey that both entertains and inspires!

Along the way, she cooks along side world-renowned chefs, as well as discovers the best in architecture, travel, wellness, design & fashion! A unique aspect to the format of the show, is that within every episode, Didiayer aims to give viewers “take aways” that encourages her audience to explore their creativity.

Further, traveling is portrayed to her audience as a healthy source of social engagement and a source of learning and is showcased in such episodes as, “Destination: Las Vegas” and “Destination: Santa Catalina Island.”

Beyond traveling and the how-to aspect, the audience is introduced to optimistic points of views that are presented on a wide range of social and economic topics. 

Upcoming Episodes

Tuesday, May 30th at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Inspirational Travel

This episode is about traveling and the discoveries that await the adventurous soul!

Tuesday, May 30th at 12:30|11:30c AM

This Episode: A Wind, Earth

On this episode of At Home With Didiayer, we explores the ways in which the beauty of nature can be incorporated into our everyday lives!

Wednesday, May 31st at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Planet And Purse Savings

On this episode of At Home With Didiayer, we examine the value of global conservations surrounding energy!