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If you had the chance to sit at the table with a favorite chef, who would you choose, and what would you ask?

At The Table With is the next best thing to chatting with your culinary idols. It's your chance to get to know acclaimed chefs beyond their recipes and restaurants; in each episode, a different superstar chef gets personal.

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This Episode: Jacques Pepin

Chef Jacques Pepin is an icon in the food world. Along with his beloved contemporary Julia Child, he has brought the art of cooking into the hearts and minds of generations around the world. He was personal chef to three French heads of state (including Charles de Gaulle) and has been the inspiration for hundreds of chefs that followed him from Daniel Boulud to Sara Moulton. At age 72, Pepin is still at the top of his game: producing tv shows, writing cookbooks (he has a whopping 25 to his credit) and teaching to throngs of wannabe chefs who maywant fame and celebrity -- but still turn to Jacques to learn. Also a painter and a writer, Jacques Pepin is the true Renaissance man.

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This Episode: Vikram Vij

Vikram Vijs parents had two goals for their son when they immigrated to Canada: buy him a restaurant, and get him a wife. Both were achieved and today, Vikram Vij and his wife Meeru clearly have a marriage made in culinary heaven. They have transformed Vijs Restaurant into a Vancouver landmark a far cry from its 14-seat opening in 1994 when Vikrams parents helped out by transporting prepared dishes on the local bus. For their collaboration Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine, Vikram and Meeru won Best Cookbook at the Canadian Culinary Awards. Their modern take on traditional Indian cuisine has impressed both gourmands and newcomers to Indian food.

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This Episode: Norma Shirley

Norma Shirley has been called the Julia Child of the Caribbean. With her generosity of spirit (and decidedly feisty nature in the kitchen) Norma has introduced legions of fans to the world of Jamaican cuisine. Born in Jamaica, and trained as a nurse, Norma didnt develop a love of food until her mid-twenties, when she had to learn to cook for her American husband. (She literally couldnt boil an egg until she met him.) Her homeland eventually drew her back to the island in the 1980s, and there she combined her Jamaican roots with her growing passion in the kitchen. Now Normas restaurants in Jamaica are must-stops for celebrities and politicians who equate Normas flavourful cooking with the breezy essence of the Caribbean itself.