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If you had the chance to sit at the table with a favorite chef, who would you choose, and what would you ask?

At The Table With is the next best thing to chatting with your culinary idols. It's your chance to get to know acclaimed chefs beyond their recipes and restaurants; in each episode, a different superstar chef gets personal.

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Tomorrow at 5|4c PM

This Episode: Chris Cosentino

At first glance, with his Mohawk haircut, crazy glasses and rolled up pants, Chris Cosentino seems like a madman of the culinary arts. A dedicated proponent of head to tail dining - in which you literally feast on every part of the animal his food may seem a little crazy too, at first. But his Grilled Beef Heart, Fried Cow Testicles and Chocolate Blood Pudding are delectable treats for the palate. And his Incanto Restaurant in San Francisco has caught the attention of many celebrated peers of the culinary world like Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain. Chris credits his admitted ADD/ADHD for his vivid imagination. And when hes not in the kitchen, creating another deliciousvariation on offal, Chris can often be seen mountain-biking in the hills surrounding San Francisco, appreciating the call of the wild on another level entirely.

Tomorrow at 5:30|4:30c PM

This Episode: Gale Gand

Gale Gand got an early start as a baker: by age six she caught the eye of a Life magazine photographer who was impressed by her beautiful mud pies. Forty years later, Gale is now one of the best pastry chefs in America. Shes always had an artistic flare: she studied jewellery design in college, but soon realized she could combine that with her love of cooking, and voila: shes been creating culinary works of art ever since. She is executive pastry chef at the world-renowned Tru Restaurant in Chicago, has authored several cookbooks and hosted her own tv series Sweet Dreams since 2000. Her desserts have been called poetic and luscious and shes been credited with elevating quintessential childhood flavours to a high-wire act. All this, and Gale has also managed to raise three children herself.

Tuesday, May 30th at 5|4c PM

This Episode: Jacques Torres

No one craves chocolate like Jacques Torres. In fact hes known as Mr. Chocolate in the culinary world. Jacques Torres has wanted to be a baker since age 15, and growing up in France, he had some of the best mentors in the business. He brought his talents to the famed Le Cirque Restaurant in New York where he created masterful desserts for presidents, kings and celebrities. Jacques is now Dean of Pastry Studies at the French Culinary Institute and has created his own line of chocolate delights called Jacques Torres Chocolate. His factory in Brooklyn goes through a hundred tons of chocolate a year but it is no way an assembly line: As Jacques says, Im an artisan. Iwanted people to put a face on chocolate.