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If you had the chance to sit at the table with a favorite chef, who would you choose, and what would you ask?

At The Table With is the next best thing to chatting with your culinary idols. It's your chance to get to know acclaimed chefs beyond their recipes and restaurants; in each episode, a different superstar chef gets personal.

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This Episode: John Higgins

Chef John Higgins has cooked for the Queen at Buckingham Palace, on the Royal Yacht Britannia, for heads of state in Washington and for celebrities around the world. But now, he says, he has his dream job: hes director of one of North Americas best cooking schools, George Brown Chef School in Toronto. Since arriving in 2002, John has steered the school through a massive expansion due to an explosive demand in enrolment. With his Scottish brogue, keen wit, and passion for teaching, John is leading the way for the next generation of talented chefs. And hes giving them all a wakeup call: in this era of celebrity chefs, hes reminding his students that being a chef is hard work that requires passion and dedication. Only then can you relax and have fun on the job: They pay me every two weeks for doing my hobby. What could be better than that?

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This Episode: Michael Smith

One of the most popular television celebrity chefs, Michael Smith is the kind of cook youd want in your kitchen: affable, creative, no-nonsense. Based in Prince Edward Island, his down-home appeal has resulted in four wildly successful TV series, seen in close to 30 countries. Born in the US and trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Michael chose the cozy environment of a Canadian country inn to make his culinary mark. Since then he has won the hearts of thousands of amateur cooks who identify with his unpretentious but elegant recipes. In fact Michael celebrates cooking without a recipe: His series Chef at Home (and subsequent cookbook) encourages amateurcooks to experiment, be brave, and add a little of this and a little of that. Its certainly worked for him.

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This Episode: Dave Pasternack

I love the sea, its in my blood says Chef Dave Pasternack. And hes not kidding: Daves been fishing since the age of five, and forty years later, now runs Esca what many consider to be the best seafood restaurant in New York City. Dave brought the crudo craze to Manhattan -- an Italian preparation of lightly cured raw, fresh fish with olive oils, sea salts, crushed nuts and/or citrus juices. Given the unadorned nature of his cuisine, Daves ingredients are paramount and he has more than 50 purveyors of seafood from around the world. Still an avid fisherman himself, Dave still supplies some items on the menu from his own fishing trips. Frank Brunni of the New York Times says, "Hes an honest-to-God fisherman, in love with the ocean, and Esca is his ongoing ode to it." So is Pasternacks new cookbook, The Young Man and the Sea which chronicles his love of fishing, cooking and offers readers some of the most coveted Esca staples- including the Italian Frito Misto Amalfitano.