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There is a unique and powerful voice in every one of us that sometimes just needs a little professional help to bring out. Host Elaine Overholdt takes everyday women from the singing in the shower to the singing on stage, helping them realize their true musical potential.

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Today at 3:30|2:30c AM

This Episode: Margot

Margot has lost over 100 pounds, Now she wants to celebrate by taking the stage for the first time in her life. Will personal baggage weigh her down before she can get there? Does she have what it takes to fulfill her dream of performing in front of a room full of loved ones?

Tomorrow at 3:30|2:30c AM

This Episode: Michelle B.

After giving up a budding career as a pop singer, Michelle has dreamed of starring in her own video.

Sunday, December 21st at 3:30|2:30c AM

This Episode: Roxy

Roxy's tough childhood has left her unable to form genuine connections with people. It's going to be hard to get an honest performance out of someone who is so closed off.