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What profession requires show business acumen, a knack for genetic manipulation, the honed instincts of a seasoned corporate raider and hairdressing skills? Welcome to the world of dog breeders. Breeder of the Pack, a documentary series, follows the stories of interesting and opinionated people who populate the dog world, and the passionate lengths they go to propagate and defend their desirable pooches.

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Sunday, January 22nd at 5|4c AM

This Episode: Central Asian Shepherds

An outrageous and obstinate breeder defends, protects and promotes her dogs 24/7. #imthebitcharoundhereJeannine De Palma isnt scared of anything. Her dogs, the Central Asian Shepherds, are known for their aggressiveness, and so is she. She has shut down puppy mills, stood up to dog fight clubs, and firmly stands her ground in the competitive and political show ring world. But when it comes to the dogs themselves, Jeannine is a total softy. Suspecting mistreatment, Jeannine has brought back to her home, Buddy, a dog that came from one of her litters. Nothing is ever a lost cause for Jeannine - her days are spent rehabilitating, Buddy, both physically and emotionally and is even confident that he can enter a show ring. They say dogs are a mans best friend. But one might also say that Jeannine de Palma is a dogs best friend.

Sunday, January 22nd at 5:30|4:30c AM

This Episode: Bullmastiffs

A financially strapped breeder attempts a costly and controversial technique that will either make her a hero or bring her down to zero. #needthistoworkWho is Bugs? He's a 2010 Westminster champion, the number two Bullmastiff in all of America, and the sire to numerous other AKC champions. Achieving that kind of status takes not only time and dedication, but a lot of money. And that's not easy for Bugs owner, Christy Shelper, a single mother of four children who lost her job during the recession. Life is a daily struggle to make ends meet, but Christy will never, ever, stop trying to improve and showcase her prized Bullmastiffs. At a cost of $5000, Christy is conducting her most important Bullmastiff breeding to date a controversial inbreeding of Bugs to his daughter. If this works, Christy will be a hero and financially stable. If it doesn't, Christy may face both spiritual and financial bankruptcy.

Monday, January 23rd at 5|4c AM

This Episode: Basset Hound

Debra Hull breeds her Basset Hounds to be top competitors in the show ring, and she doesnt approve of second place. Hulls hounds need to earn their keep, whether its winning a show title or landing a Hollywood role in the moviesthese dogs even help with the laundry!In this episode, we feature three of the Hull hounds all at different stages in their doggie careers. We meet a problematic pup, Dahlia, who may not be able to live up to her elite pedigree in the show ring; Lily, her top dog, whos a serious contender for a Best in Breed prize; and Debras oldest Basset Hound, Megs, who at the age of 11 is finally getting her moment in the limelight when she is cast opposite an Oscar nominee in a Hollywood film. The pressure mounts when Debra travels to the National Basset Hound Specialty competition. Its here where we find out the fate of her young pup. If Dalia doesnt perform well, theres good chance that Debra just may give her away. And all eyes will be on Debras favourite dog, Lilly, who is ju