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What profession requires show business acumen, a knack for genetic manipulation, the honed instincts of a seasoned corporate raider and hairdressing skills? Welcome to the world of dog breeders. Breeder of the Pack, a documentary series, follows the stories of interesting and opinionated people who populate the dog world, and the passionate lengths they go to propagate and defend their desirable pooches.

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Saturday, May 27th at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Afghans

A breeder entrusts a young protg to carry on her Afghan legacy as her sentimental favourite enters the ring for his final hurrah. #areyousmarterthananAfghanCall them the Supermodels of the dog world - with their long, silky coats and slender physique, Afghan Hounds certainly look the part. But unfortunately, they also suffer from the same stereotype as their human counterparts Afghans arent known for being the fastest ball in the dog park, so to speak. Dee Devins has spent her whole adult life trying to change peoples perception of the Afghan and increase their popularity. But her time is not her own these days as she helps her husband Wayne, cope with a terminal illness. So shes recruited a young protg, Dani, and is teaching her everything she knows from grooming techniques (Dees a professional hairdresser) to lure coursing and, of course, the show ring. Dani launches her career in an attempt to carry on her mentor's legacy as Dees oldest Afghan, Leo, has his f

Saturday, May 27th at 9:30|8:30c AM

This Episode: Border Collies

Place your bets will a Border Collie breeder qualify for a chance to take gold at the world championships? #winningIf there were a doggie Olympics, Kayl McCann would be captain of the Canadian team. Her days (and nights and weekends) revolve around breeding these smart, sassy and speedy dogs. They already have 25 wins (including five gold medals) at the World Championships. The next World competition is in 2012 but there's no free ticket to the Canadian team. Kayle must qualify but canine competitions can be as fierce and cutting as a political election campaign its all about winning. And Kayl wants to win. But this year her fastest dog, Slyce, isnt quite up to par after having had a recent litter. And, at nine years old, this could be Slyces last year of competition. But Kayl has a young secret weapon and his name is Funky Monkey. With her old and new crew of dogs, this feisty breeder is hoping to speed through the obstacles and taste sweet victory once again.

Sunday, May 28th at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Goldendoodles

A 28-year-old breeding maverick is making worldwide waves with her one-of-a-kind hybrids. #whatstrendingSherry Rupke is queen of the dog hybrids with people from all over the planet on her waiting list for Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever, Poodle cross.) She's also the first breeder in the world to have produced a Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain dog, Poodle cross) whose popularity is on an exponential rise. Andshe's only 28 years old. Take that Mark Zuckerberg! But hybrid breeds are still controversial in the dog world with purebred purists accusing her of weakening the original breeds. But, as a registered vet tech, Sherry can hold her own against the naysayers. And Sherry is also much more than a dog breeder; shes a life changer. She regularly donates her prized pups to charitable organizations to act as service and therapy dogs. Sherry is systematically changing both the human and canine world one puppy at a time.