Bulging Brides

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Bulging Brides is a television series that focuses on a bride's desperate struggle to drop unwanted inches so that she can look picture perfect on her wedding day. The series is co-hosted by Tommy Europe and nutrition specialist Nadeen Boman.

Each half-hour episode features the story of one bride-to-be in the high-anxiety period less than two months before the big day. The bride has her wedding dress, but it doesn't fit. Racked by tension from the bridal arrangements and petrified by the thought of not feeling her best on her big day, the bride-to-be has turned to the Dream Team as a last resort to lose her excess weight and fit in her gown.

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Today at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Break Out

Out-of-shape Yolanda is in for the struggle of her life when she tries to drop pounds and inches for her wedding. Exercise and healthy eating are totally new concepts for this bride-to-be as she breaks with the past and makes a fresh new start.

Today at 4:30|3:30c AM

This Episode: Picture Imperfect

Jaime paints pictures of beautiful food, but when it comes to the fit of her wedding dress, its not a pretty sight. Her exposed arms are jiggling in the wind. Jaime knows she can look much better if she loses weight, but time is quickly running out.

Tomorrow at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Spinning Her Wheels

Its only six weeks before she says I do and this former competitive cyclist Michelle has turned into a bulging bride-to-be. If this chocoholic cant put down the snacks and pick up healthy habits, shes not going to get her wedding dress zipped up.