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Chef Michael Smith invites you into his home kitchen to show you how to create uncomplicated, tasty meals for your family and friends.

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Today at 10|9c AM

This Episode: East Coast Chowder

Michael discovers a bounty of culinary pleasures on the beaches of his East Coast home, when he takes his son Gabe digging for clams. Back in the kitchen, Michael is inspired by the fresh clams and makes an East Coast favourite, clam chowder. Biscuits topped with brown butter, and a simple green salad with sherry maple vinaigrette finishes the feast.

Today at 10:30|9:30c AM

This Episode: Vanilla Chicken Dinner

After a day in the workshop with his buddy Dave, Michael repays the favour by inviting him to dinner. Faced with the challenge of making an impromptu meal fit for a guest, Michael raids his pantry and settles upon a central special ingredient vanilla. Michael builds an entire meal around vanilla, pulling together braised chicken thighs; couscous; endive salad and an easy panna cotta all with a subtle taste of vanilla.

Tomorrow at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Tomatoes 101

Michael is inspired by his garden and decides to create a meal by relying on a common ingredient fresh tomatoes. In the kitchen, Michael lets his favourite ingredient guide him and creates a chorus of dishes for a few friends that are stopping by. A simple roast penne pasta; green salad with tomato lemon vinaigrette and tomato water martinis complete the themed meal.