Chef at Large

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Viewers get a backstage pass to the fast-paced hidden world of chefs and world cuisine. Chef Michael Smith travels the world and meets up with other chefs in their kitchens and samples their best fare.

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Tomorrow at 12|11c PM

This Episode: Toronto Caribana Festival

Indulging in a taste of the Caribbean at this World Famous Carnival. We team up with a Trinidadian Family responsible for feeding the very large crowds on Festival Day.

Tomorrow at 12:30|11:30c PM

This Episode: Extreme River Rafting

This is a true culinary adventure as Michael roughs it royally on a gourmet river rafting expedition. Journey through the remote wilderness of Northern BC on a River Raft and travel down glacier-fed rivers while making camp and eating well enroute. He encounters a challenge of a lifetime and experiences the wild joys of cooking in a kitchen with no walls where campfire becomes stove and river is tap and fridge.

Tuesday, May 30th at 12|11c PM

This Episode: Kosher Food

What is Kosher? We find out in Montreal. Travel with Michael through historic Montreal where he uncovers great bagels and smoked meats in preparation for a traditional Jewish Wedding.