Chef at Large

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Viewers get a backstage pass to the fast-paced hidden world of chefs and world cuisine. Chef Michael Smith travels the world and meets up with other chefs in their kitchens and samples their best fare.

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Today at 12|11c PM

This Episode: Scouts Jamboree: Creating Young Chefs

What happens when you set loose a talented gourmet chef into a sea of boy and girl scouts cooking over their small propane stoves in a Prince Edward Island Campground? Chef Michael shows the kids a few culinary tricks at the Scouts Canada Jamboree, including a traditional Acadian pig roast.

Today at 12:30|11:30c PM

This Episode: Community Kitchen: Taking Food To The Street

Chef Michael is going back to basics: feeding hungry people! He joins volunteers at the Out of the Cold community kitchen at St. Andrews Church in Toronto where he helps to cook up stews, soups and casseroles. He experiences the challenges and satisfaction of feeding street people who seldom eat well.

Tomorrow at 12|11c PM

This Episode: Starlight Gala: Six Courses For One Great Cause

Chef Michael and five other celebrity chefs create a fabulous meal at the Starlight Childrens Gala at the International Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre in Toronto. He shows us the preparations, the pressure and the pizzazz of the ultimate cooking challengeto serve a huge, highbrow crowd some very good food, and on time!