Colour Confidential

On Next: Saturday, January 21st at 5|4c PM

Hosted and written by Jane Lockhart, this inventive series follows homeowners who make a leap to change from bland beige rooms to spaces full of colour. Jane’s secret weapon is her trusty colour wheel she developed to help people relax into the idea of finding things in life with personal meaning and extracting colours from those items.

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Saturday, January 21st at 5|4c PM

This Episode: Janet And Kerry’s Living Room

Busy parents Janet and Kerry want to have a retreat in their home that they can call their own. The problem is the only room left for them feels more like Grandmas parlour than a chic place to escape to. Is it possible that colour can give them some peace?

Saturday, January 21st at 5:30|4:30c PM

This Episode: Karen And James Living Room

The open concept living space in Karen and James new house has them feeling shut out. Since theyve tried everything to make this large room comfortable, theyre now hoping that colour will rescue them from embarrassment and make them confident to entertain again.

Sunday, January 22nd at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Deborah And Greg’s Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of Deborah and Gregs busy household. The catch? Its the only room in their home thats still stuck in the 70s. So with host Jane Lockharts help, theyre hoping that colour will create a great kitchen thats back to the future.