Diva on a Dime

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Style guru Julia Grieve shows weekly participants how to look good without spending a lot of money. Join her as she chooses an outfit that inspires a real life low budget shopping trip to makeover her money conscious clients.

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Today at 8|7c PM

This Episode: The Big Break

Emily Weedon is the lead singer in an up-and-coming band. They just got booked for a showcase performance and will be playing for several record executives scouting the next big thing. In the music industry image is everything, and can make the difference whether you get signed by a record label or not. So Emily has turned to Diva on a Dime to create some attitude and whip up excitement for the big night. Its rock star all the way, as we see if her new look lands her in the big time.

Today at 8:30|7:30c PM

This Episode: Fashionably Funny

Stand up comedian June Morrow knows you have to set the stage to get big laughs. This tomboy wants a feminine twist, so people dont inevitably compare her to Ellen Degeneres. Shes her own person and feels now is the time to define her own look. June wants to reveal her transformation at her next big performance and find out if it deserves an ovation.

Saturday, June 3rd at 8|7c PM

This Episode: Expecting Style

Being pregnant and looking like a diva doesnt come easy for every woman. This lucky mother-to-be, Stephanie McQuaid, has been stealing her husbands clothes to cover her expanding belly. And who else to teach her how to look luscious on a low budget, than our own expecting mom, Julia, as she makes Stephanie over in time for her big baby shower.