Diva on a Dime

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Style guru Julia Grieve shows weekly participants how to look good without spending a lot of money. Join her as she chooses an outfit that inspires a real life low budget shopping trip to makeover her money conscious clients.

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Saturday, April 1st at 8|7c PM

This Episode: Diva Date Night

Its hard to feel sexy when youve just had a baby. But Petrina wants to reconnect with her inner-diva when she and her husband head out for their first date night since the arrival of the baby girl. Diva on a Dime shows Petrina that it doesnt take a lot of effort or money to wrap herself up in a new romantic look.

Saturday, April 1st at 8:30|7:30c PM

This Episode: The Unfashionable Fashionista

Theres a saying that goes a cobblers son has no shoes, and our diva Julie can relate to that. As a fashion journalist she has to cover the cutting edge of design, but cant mange to pull herself together. With the all important opening party for the Toronto Fashion Week just around the corner, Julie wants to look like she belongs. Diva on a Dime calls on their resources to throw her a private designer trunk show, so Julie can be every inch the fashionista for her event.

Sunday, April 2nd at 8|7c PM

This Episode: Graduating Diva

Jennifer is a mom who has recently gone back and has earned herself a MBA. Quite a feat but this has left little time and money for clothes shopping. She wants a special outfit for her graduation celebration thats fun, yet practical. Diva on a Dime takes Jennifer to designer outlets which feature runway fashions at a discount price.