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Each episode presents a list of 10 things that focus on a specific topic, ranging from cooking and cleaning to fashion and relationships. Our host Rebecca Webster interviews experts about the topics and they demonstrate in 'how-to' segments, all with the goal of giving you solutions to your domestic dilemmas.

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Today at 11|10c AM

This Episode: 10 Beauty Basics

In this episode we show you a series of beauty basics that include: how to walk in high heels, how to find the best bra for your body type, how to shape your eyebrows, how to do a French manicure with coloured tips and so on.

Today at 11:30|10:30c AM

This Episode: 10 Ways To Save

In this episode we show you how to save energy and money with tips on maintaining your heating and air conditioning units, installing low flow toilets, replacing all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones, and so on.

Tomorrow at 12|11c PM

This Episode: 10 Terrific Transformations

In this episode well show you a series of makeovers including interior design, fashion, and cosmetic procedures, in our list of 10 Terrific Transformations.