Esther Extraordinaire

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“Too much is never too much” is the motto of extraordinary decorator Esther Tracy. Her over-the-top designs are not for the faint of heart and her flamboyant style pushes the boundaries of her clients comfort zone. David, her long suffering project manager and son, tries to keep Esther on track and more importantly on BUDGET. 

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Sunday, July 2nd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: What Happens In Vegas

Esther takes on her first commercial space revamping upscale restaurant Terra. Dealing with three very busy owners and a restaurant open to the wee hours puts David and Esther to the test. Especially when David realizes Esthers coping by doing some serious retail therapy. He bets her that she cant go a week without spending. Can Esther bring her Vegas inspired style to this tired restaurant without driving David to the poor house?

Sunday, July 2nd at 4:30|3:30c AM

This Episode: In Dog We Trust

Esthers pet stylist Audrey has just moved into a new development on the golf course and shes asked Esther to make her great room fabulous. The only trouble is Audrey needs it ready in two weeks since shes having a housewarming! The other snag? Audrey is more of a doggie girl than a girlie girl. Can Esther create a glamorous puppy friendly masterpiece in time or will this room go to the dogs? Meanwhile David takes this opportunity to get a round of golf inor so he thinks. In Esthers world theres no such thing as a day off!

Monday, July 3rd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Bed, Bath, Or Beyond?

Repeat clients Fran and Harvey have asked Esther to work her magic in creating a tranquil bedroom and bathroom makeover to die for. If only Fran could make up her mind! Esther struggles to get Fran to make decisions while David tries to keep up with changes and keep the project moving! Esther needing some relaxation heads to Mimmas and is shocked to find her favourite stylist has gone camping. Esther will have to pull out all the stops to get this renovation and her hair finished in time for the big reveal!