Esther Extraordinaire

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“Too much is never too much” is the motto of extraordinary decorator Esther Tracy. Her over-the-top designs are not for the faint of heart and her flamboyant style pushes the boundaries of her clients comfort zone. David, her long suffering project manager and son, tries to keep Esther on track and more importantly on BUDGET. 

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Today at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Thanks For The Mimma-ries

Mimma is Esthers extraordinary hairdresser and close confident who shares her love of all things fabulous and over-the-top girly. Esther having decorated the whole house has moved on the two rooms that are desperately crying out for her magic fairy dust. The cluttered office and overstuffed spare bedroom are full to the brim with knickknacks, hairdressing supplies, jewelry and a massively large shoe collection. Esther must wrestle these rooms out of Mimmas control in order to create a fun girly space that she knows hoarder Mimma really deserves. Not deserving is Esthers car which takes another ding from her wild driving adventures. Esther is under a time crunch to get it fixed before David finds out. Only keeping things from her son is harder than she thought.

Today at 9:30|8:30c AM

This Episode: Sofa So Good

Its designer verses designer when Esther is commissioned to do repeat client Enzo s great room. Enzo is a furniture maker, Esthers dear friend and business associate. He is also a creative stubborn artist who is used to having his own waykind of like another designer we know and love. Can Esther work with micromanaging Enzo to get his golden great room to shine? Meanwhile Esther surprises David with a round of golf a la Estheronly its not what he had in mind for the day.

Saturday, February 25th at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Lofty Ideas

Esther is challenged to impress new clients, real estate agents Romy and Jeremy They want their great room to be great and know the value of having a showpiece in their home. Meanwhile Esther, desperate for grandchildren, hatches a plan to set up David with Jessica, the artist shes commissioned for the project. Will Davids love life survive Esthers matchmaking?