Esther Extraordinaire

On Next: Sunday, April 2nd at 4|3c AM

“Too much is never too much” is the motto of extraordinary decorator Esther Tracy. Her over-the-top designs are not for the faint of heart and her flamboyant style pushes the boundaries of her clients comfort zone. David, her long suffering project manager and son, tries to keep Esther on track and more importantly on BUDGET. 

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Sunday, April 2nd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Lofty Ideas

Esther is challenged to impress new clients, real estate agents Romy and Jeremy They want their great room to be great and know the value of having a showpiece in their home. Meanwhile Esther, desperate for grandchildren, hatches a plan to set up David with Jessica, the artist shes commissioned for the project. Will Davids love life survive Esthers matchmaking?

Sunday, April 2nd at 4:30|3:30c AM

This Episode: Funderground

Esther is skating on thin ice with Ron and Adine and their dreary basement. Entrusted with creating a hockey inspired, family friendly zone with no bling or sparkle, Esther struggles to introduce her signature style. Relying on her hockey mom past and Davids elbow grease Esther, shocks the family with an over the top surprise sure to impress! David, always happy to help is however tired of Esther always calling him when shes lost. He buys her a GPS but technology isnt Esthers cup of tea. Will she learn to take directions from a computer? Or will she resort back to her reliable DPS - the David Positioning System?

Monday, April 3rd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: What Happens In Vegas

Esther takes on her first commercial space revamping upscale restaurant Terra. Dealing with three very busy owners and a restaurant open to the wee hours puts David and Esther to the test. Especially when David realizes Esthers coping by doing some serious retail therapy. He bets her that she cant go a week without spending. Can Esther bring her Vegas inspired style to this tired restaurant without driving David to the poor house?