Fearless In The Kitchen

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Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing helps self-proclaimed hopeless cooks how to be fearless in their kitchen.

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Tomorrow at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Jessica: Canã¢â‚¬â„¢t Stand The Heat

Jessicas idea of cooking is reheating frozen food. Its time for her to learn to cook -- and Christine is on the job. After Christine teaches her to make amazing Jerk Chicken skewers, they head out on an adventure to make handmade empanadas. With Jessica feeling a little more confident, Christine throws her into a huge challenge: prep, grill and serve seafood appetizers to over 200 VIP guests at Boys Night Out. Later, when Jessica has to cook for her friends and family and the party size suddenly triples, can she take the heat?

Tomorrow at 10:30|9:30c AM

This Episode: Vik: Doctor Takeout

Viks a doctor who never cooks. He either eats out or relies on his friends to cook for him. Christine decides that its time this vegetarian doctor learned to cook for himself. She shows him how to make vegetarian staples, teaches him about the importance of herbs and then challenges him to prepare at fabulous dessert at on a busy night at a top French restaurant. In the end, can Vik actually pull off a meal that will impress the friends whove been taking care of him for years?

Tuesday, February 21st at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Simone: Struggle With The Stove

Simone has avoided cooking her entire life by relying on her family, roommates and her husband. But now that she has someone counting on her her newborn son, Jesse. Christine wants Simone to start some family traditions and takes her on a baking adventure to make homemade cookies. Simones confidence builds and Christine challenges her to make funnel cakes at the grand opening of FunLFun, a dessert emporium dedicated to making the Worlds Best Funnel Cakes. Can Simone learn how to make delicious food that her family and friends will actually enjoy?