Fearless In The Kitchen

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Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing helps self-proclaimed hopeless cooks how to be fearless in their kitchen.

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Today at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Ann: Soy Sauce And Salt

When it comes to cooking Ann doesnt have a clue about flavor. The only seasonings she ever uses are soy sauce and salt. Its an uphill battle as Christine tries to take Anns palette from bland to grand. Ann goes from creating crappy Caribbean rice and peas, to a blind taste test to tantalize her taste buds. Ann also learns to make a scrumptious spiced lemon shrimp, and plunges down a culinary rabbit hole as she attempts to put the pizzazz into a pizza for a packed room of VIPs. The question is, can Ann take everything shes learned to create a flavorful sensation that will cause her son, and the rest of her family to offer her a standing ovation. One thing is for sure, its a treacherous trek as Christine attempts to spices up Anns life.

Today at 4:30|3:30c PM

This Episode: Lisa: Any Given Sunday

Just the mere mention of the word cooking is enough to send Lisa into a downward spiral of defeat. After all Lisa has more culinary mishaps under her belt then bottles of half eaten condiments in her fridge. From hockey puck hamburgers to scorched frozen food Lisa has never had a success in the kitchen. Lisa goes from screwing up scalloped potatoes to discovering how to bake fresh bread. She also gets cozy with cooking Cornish hens and attempts to put her ducks in a row when she makes duck canaps for patrons at a high-end restaurant. This time Christine will have to work 24/7 if she wants to help Lisa make Sunday dinner a new tradition that her family will always want to observe.

Tomorrow at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Vicki: Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Vicki is a vivacious mother of two who juggles the responsibility of running a household with the demands of publishing a cultural wedding magazine. Although she is confident in her work, she feels completely insecure in the kitchen. It doesnt help that her six-year-old son is a budding food critic who continually tosses her food aside and asks if Daddy can make it instead. Vicki progresses from pathetic pad Thai to learning how to make Lime and Coconut cupcakes. She also Thais one on with some Red Snapper en Papillote and shows that the proof of what shes learned is in her rice pudding at a glamorous event for businesswomen. Christine will have to work overtime if she wants to help Vicki create a Thai feast that her whole family will enjoy and no longer leave Vicki fishing for compliments.