Fearless In The Kitchen

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Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing helps self-proclaimed hopeless cooks how to be fearless in their kitchen.

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Tomorrow at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Melissa: No Cook Zone

On the cooking ability scale from one to ten, Melissa is a self described negative ten. This flight attendant and pregnant mother's chicken specialty once sent her husband to a specialist. More than anything Melissa would love to get over her cooking frustration and learn to make hearty family meals from scratch. After a failed quiche experiment that leaves Christine queasy, Melissa learns it's not always as easy as apple pie when she visits a top pie maker. Then it's time to tackle her paltry poultry skills with a chicken piccata, and turn up the heat as she prepares crepe suzette tableside to a crowd of demanding lunch goers at a top French restaurant. Christine will have to soar to new heights if she hopes to bring this flight attendants cooking skills up to snuff so she can make meals her whole family will enjoy.

Tomorrow at 4:30|3:30c PM

This Episode: Aaron: Reheat, Eat, Repeat

An adventurous 29 year old, Anna may have traveled the world but she doesnt know her way around the kitchen at all. From fried cucumbers to flash fires, Anna has been banned from cooking more times than she can count. Thankfully, up until now, Anna has been able to rely on Sasha, her culinary student kid sister who was clearly the one who inherited their ex-restaurateur grandmothers gastronomic prowess. After Anna struggles with an old family classic, potato pancakes, she's off to the butcher to take a stab at making bison burgers from scratch. Anna then has to stuff her fears in her back pocket when it's time to stuff peppers with Christine, and finally it's out of the paella pan and into the fire to impress some VIP's at a Spanish wine tasting event. Anna may be fearless about a lot of things, but its going to take a huge leap of faith for Christine to put the fight into Annas cooking plight.

Tuesday, May 30th at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Olena: Son-day Dinner

Olena came to Canada with her wit, determination and a suitcase full of her mothers recipes that she couldnt make. After years of struggling in the kitchen where she has created such delicacies as pasta bathed in ketchup and poached chicken breasts in water sauce, fish, Olena wants to expand beyond her key ingredient; water. With her son on the cusp of flying the proverbial coop, Olenas biggest fear is that he will never want to come home from university if she only has bad food to serve. After Olena annihilates fried chicken, she churns up some old memories of her mother when she learns how to make butter Black Creek Pioneer Village style. She also learns how to bake cream cheese biscuits which profits her when she attempts to make chocolate profiteroles for patrons at a high-end restaurant. From kooky to culinary Christine has a lot to tackle as she attempts to teach this martial arts instructor a cooking move or two.