Fearless In The Kitchen

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Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing helps self-proclaimed hopeless cooks how to be fearless in their kitchen.

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Today at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Vicki: Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Vicki is a vivacious mother of two who juggles the responsibility of running a household with the demands of publishing a cultural wedding magazine. Although she is confident in her work, she feels completely insecure in the kitchen. It doesnt help that her six-year-old son is a budding food critic who continually tosses her food aside and asks if Daddy can make it instead. Vicki progresses from pathetic pad Thai to learning how to make Lime and Coconut cupcakes. She also Thais one on with some Red Snapper en Papillote and shows that the proof of what shes learned is in her rice pudding at a glamorous event for businesswomen. Christine will have to work overtime if she wants to help Vicki create a Thai feast that her whole family will enjoy and no longer leave Vicki fishing for compliments.

Today at 10:30|9:30c AM

This Episode: Zain: How To Look Good Cooking

32-year-old television host, Zain is so busy that he generally only eats twice a day and the food is either take-out, catered or quickly thrown together from the raw ingredients in his sparsely populated fridge. What Zain wants more than anything is to learn how to make healthy meals not only for him but also for when he entertains his many celebrity friends. So Zain moves from obliterating an omelette to learning the five steps to searing sashimi from a professional chef. He also stirs things up with a Vietnamese Soup and demonstrates his newfound skills when he blitzes an upscale restaurant with his own special Blinis and Borscht. Christine will be pushed to her culinary limits as she tries to get this television host with the gift of gab to take his cuisine from drab to fab.

Tomorrow at 10|9c AM

This Episode: Carlie: Where’s There Smoke There’s Carlie

Carlie is an executive assistant who is in dire need of assistance in the kitchen, that is, besides the 911 type she received when she burnt salmon so badly that fire trucks arrived at her door. More often than not Carlie attempts to mask her culinary failures under a layer of various condiments. From mustard to honey barbeque sauce there isnt a half filled bottle of sauce in her fridge that Carlie has not employed at one time or another. Carlie really wants to learn how to properly prepare meat so she can host a dinner party that doesnt end up with firemen as unexpected guests. Carlie grows from creating cookie chaos to finding out the process of smoking the ribs she has won contests eating. She also learns how to properly prepare pork chops and finds herself in a heated situation when she attempts to make ice cream for a huge culinary event. Christine will be up to her ribs in it as she attempts to bring Carlie from frightened to fearless in the kitchen.