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For Your Home is a national television show about decorating, improving and, most importantly, enjoying your home and garden. The content of this show is geared towards a viewership that maintains an appreciation for traditional style, yet desires a modern more sustainable twist. For Your Home focuses on a variety of topics - from gardening to entertaining - that shares the underlying goal of infusing your home and life with classic style. Every show provides tips and doable project ideas from design expert, Vicki Payne, on transforming a drab space into a visual delight. Whether you're interested in entertaining, decorating or renovating, For Your Home provides realistic ways to give your home true character. With colorful room settings, beautiful gardens and inspiring ideas, For Your Home serves as your very own lifestyle guide to inspiration.

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Tuesday, May 30th at 2|1c AM

This Episode: Decorative Accents, Part 4

More important decisions include paint, hardwood flooring, ceramic and glass tiles and countertops for 11 different counters throughout the home.

Tuesday, May 30th at 2:30|1:30c AM

This Episode: Two Acres, Part 5

Vicki and gardening experts tackle the sprawling 2.3-acre lot with a rose garden, acres of lush green sod, a mini-cherry orchard and a forest of beautiful shrubs and trees.

Wednesday, May 31st at 2|1c AM

This Episode: Holy Faux, Part 6

While decorative artists take over the house to create a childs fantasyland, Vicki and designer Cecil Adams spin some style in the living room and sunroom.