Fresh with Anna Olson

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Join Anna Olson in a cooking show that takes this well-known and loved personality into the delectable realm of her own food world. Anna invites viewers into the comfort of her Niagara region country home and creates unique meals using her mantra: ‘eat fresh, eat local’.

Join Anna as she gathers ingredients and becomes inspired to create amazing dishes by the wealth of fresh and in season produce. Watch as Anna ventures out to meet her local foodie friends – from winemakers to farmers and everything in between – and learn from their incredible knowledge and experience. And finally, watch as her delicious dishes are served up for that special event - whether it’s a country wedding, a gourmet picnic at a Wine Festival, or Anna having a romantic evening in her country cottage with her renowned chef husband Michael Olson.

This inspirational series takes viewers inside Anna’s world – a chef who truly lives food around the clock. Learn how you too can become inspired by fresh foods in your area, and watch as her enthusiasm motivates you to try new culinary creations of your own.

Fresh with Anna Olson gives you easy-to-follow, delicious recipes with helpful tips. Watch and learn as Anna prepares scrumptious recipes for all, with the same clarity, ease and serenity that has made her a household name.

Upcoming Episodes

Today at 6|5c PM

This Episode: Healthy Snack

When you find yourself snacking more than eating meals, why not just make a meal out of snacks. Its a night with the girls at Annas and theyre nibbling on snacks during their Clothing exchange: gyoza dumplings (pork), wild rice risotto pockets with peppers & pumpkinseeds and maple baked apple bites. Snacking doesnt have to be a guilty pleasure, learn how healthy it can be, and indulge in this episode of fresh!

Today at 6:30|5:30c PM

This Episode: Chilli Fest

Its hot and spicy at Chilli Fest, and Annas the judge on who makes it to the US competition. At home Anna spices it up with: Jalapeo pepper jelly, cheddar crackers with three pepper chicken chilli (white wine), and to put out the fire, double-chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Its time to kick it up a notch and add flavour to your favourite dishes, all on this episode of fresh!

Tomorrow at 6|5c PM

This Episode: Show-off Plated Dinner

Annas having a group of chefs for dinner. French inspired flavours linger in Annas kitchen as she creates: brioche toast with brandied mushrooms in cream, braised beef short ribs over mustard seed spaetzle, and citrus red cabbage. A meal of local fresh foods elegantly plated with the company of talented colleagues makes this episode or fresh another must see!