Fresh with Anna Olson

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Join Anna Olson in a cooking show that takes this well-known and loved personality into the delectable realm of her own food world. Anna invites viewers into the comfort of her Niagara region country home and creates unique meals using her mantra: ‘eat fresh, eat local’.

Join Anna as she gathers ingredients and becomes inspired to create amazing dishes by the wealth of fresh and in season produce. Watch as Anna ventures out to meet her local foodie friends – from winemakers to farmers and everything in between – and learn from their incredible knowledge and experience. And finally, watch as her delicious dishes are served up for that special event - whether it’s a country wedding, a gourmet picnic at a Wine Festival, or Anna having a romantic evening in her country cottage with her renowned chef husband Michael Olson.

This inspirational series takes viewers inside Anna’s world – a chef who truly lives food around the clock. Learn how you too can become inspired by fresh foods in your area, and watch as her enthusiasm motivates you to try new culinary creations of your own.

Fresh with Anna Olson gives you easy-to-follow, delicious recipes with helpful tips. Watch and learn as Anna prepares scrumptious recipes for all, with the same clarity, ease and serenity that has made her a household name.

Upcoming Episodes

Today at 3|2c PM

This Episode: Savoury Baking

Anna takes a trip to Morningstar Mills to pick up some flour. Annas mother comes along for the ride and back home shares her old family recipes that are too good to be forgotten. Grandmas potato cheddar bread, peameal bacon, green bean and cheese tart made with parmesan pastry, and walnut brie strudel, being on a diet is impossible when food tastes this good!

Today at 3:30|2:30c PM

This Episode: Summer Sunset Feast

Anna takes advantage of the warmth of the last long summer days with a casual dinner in the backyard. After a visit to an evening farmers market Anna prepares: grilled salmon with balsamic onion glaze, Swiss chard with pine nuts and pan roasted garlic, fluffy ricotta gnocchi with pepper coulis (white wine), and for dessert peach frozen yogurt and pizelle. Delicious food, great company, amazing weather, and a sunset that will take your breath away, all on this episode of fresh!

Tomorrow at 6|5c PM

This Episode: Farm To Table

Anna & her husband Michael serve at a local winery farm-to-table event. At home Anna plans ahead and assembles everything she will be bringing to the event: heirloom tomato salad, corn shrimp fritters with cucumber rmoulade, and chicken terrine with onion marmalade (ham). Picking up the finishing touches at Dave Perkins Riverbend garden on the way, this event is going to be a sure success, and a whole lot of fun!