Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

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Relax and recharge while enjoying the beauty of some of nature's most tranquil and scenic settings with certified yoga instructor Sarah Starr. In each episode, Sarah gently guides viewers through different yoga routines while encouraging them to honor and challenge their bodies.

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Today at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Fall Stream

Relax and breathe along the dramatic flowing river bank as we access greater mobility for a healthier spine through standing and seated twists, leaving you to feel recharged and renewed.

Today at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Tranquil Beach

Allow the soothing sound of waves and tranquil sandy beach setting help you relax into your yoga poses. Step into transformation as Sarah Starr leads you through a routine that focuses on creative sequencing to release the hip flexors, generating a strong core connection.

Tomorrow at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Mother Nature

Enjoy the serene garden filled with the gorgeous color of Mother Nature blooming. Today s segment will focus on incorporating balancing standing postures and warrior moves dancing into one another, finishing with backbends designed to stimulate, energize and open the heart.