Home To Go

HOME TO GO, hosted by Peter Fallico is an innovative do-it yourself design series that presents original, easy-to-execute, and inexpensive décor ideas and solutions for people living in temporary spaces. Each week, Peter works with roommates, singles, and young couples to help them make over their spaces into beautiful and functional homes that can be packed up and move on when it’s time to pick up sticks.

Each episode opens with our homeowner or renter showing us their problem space. Peter starts to come up with a plan… what can stay, what must go, and what can be rehabilitated to fit into a new functional home.

Next we bring in our guest designer who works closely with the homeowner coming up with a theme and co-ordinating styles and colors.

Home to go offers up projects with a twist - the hallmark of the series: A headboard to go: thin mahogany boards woven around inexpensive conduit piping held together in a wood frame. Or the ultimate coffee table to go: a maple plywood base is attached to four oversized wheels for legs; with half the table made up as a tray and the other half with a custom cushion it works triple-duty as a seat, an ottoman, and a table-in-one!

Using inexpensive materials and easy techniques to help viewers create a high end look at a practical price. And of course – it’s all made to order and it’s all made TO GO!

Our goal in each episode is to transform an impersonal, dysfunctional space into an efficient and beautiful home that conquers the challenges of temporary living.‚Äč