Loving Spoonfuls

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This delightful cooking series is devoted to characters, cultures and food. Each week, host David Gale visits a different grandmother to cook, laugh and learn about her life.

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Today at 2|1c PM

This Episode: Anne Lytwyn's Ukrainian Feast

Anne Lytwyn is a classic Ukrainian "Baba" who sings, dances and teaches David to make "Meat on a Stick".

Today at 2:30|1:30c PM

This Episode: Juanita Berry 's Southern-fried Rabbit

Juanita Berry, a "Grandma from Alabama" cooks up Sweet Potato Pie, Southern Fried Rabbit and teaches David how to play 'ball and jacks'.

Tomorrow at 2|1c PM

This Episode: Sylvia Evans' English Tea

English grandmother Sylvia Evans teaches David how make Trifle, Scones and make a proper English Tea in the garden and invites friends who wear lots of floppy hats.