Makeover Wish

On Next: Saturday, July 1st at 4|3c PM

Featuring top designers, remarkable transformations and plenty of raw emotion, Makeover Wish performs $25,000 room makeovers for truly deserving individuals in need of a break. After sending their targets off on a surprise weekend getaway, the expert crew creates a superbly executed showpiece in just 72 hours. From a fabulous new bedroom to the world's coolest family room, every lavish detail is geared to enhance everyday life through beauty, function and design that is a gift of a lifetime.

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Saturday, July 1st at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Family Reunion

A former foster mom never had a reason to update her house after all her kids moved out. The Makeover Wish team takes it on but what good is a family room without family? A busload of loved ones from all over the globe is waiting around the corner for the best gift of all.

Saturday, July 1st at 4:30|3:30c PM

This Episode: A Dramatic Change

A vivacious drama teacher is at a rare loss for words after a former student surprises her with a $25,000 makeover. Even as she bravely struggles with Parkinsons Disease behind-the-scenes, she continues to touch thousands of students lives with her inspiration and insight. Now, Makeover Wish is rewarding her home, and shocking her with a special encore at school.

Saturday, July 1st at 9|8c PM

This Episode: Something To Sing About

A talented singer and music instructor knows that every voice in this world counts. Thats why she has dedicated her life to helping handicapped and unfortunate people sing their hearts out with passion and joy. And its why the Makeover Wish Team is giving her a standing ovation and a gift that both she and her loving students can enjoy.