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Featuring top designers, remarkable transformations and plenty of raw emotion, Makeover Wish performs $25,000 room makeovers for truly deserving individuals in need of a break. After sending their targets off on a surprise weekend getaway, the expert crew creates a superbly executed showpiece in just 72 hours. From a fabulous new bedroom to the world's coolest family room, every lavish detail is geared to enhance everyday life through beauty, function and design that is a gift of a lifetime.

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Today at 1:30|12:30c AM

This Episode: The Donor

Only six months after marriage, a young bride falls ill and watches her dreams of starting a family fade away. But her husband never thinks twice about what to do, donating his very own kidney to give her the gift of life. Now healthy and happy with a beautiful son, shes wants her soul mate to have a special place to relax and have fun.

Today at 9:30|8:30c AM

This Episode: Room For The Whole Family

A loving family gets through a series of heartbreaking setbacks with love and compassion. The youngest a wheelchair bound girl with a rare combination of disorders is the shining light of the bunch, but obstacles and accessibility have always denied them a proper family room. The Makeover Wish team gives them the long-overdue place they need to spend time together.

Tomorrow at 1:30|12:30c AM

This Episode: The Art Of Giving

After winning his battle with cancer, a brave 8-year-old boy creates a fundraising calendar with his own art, and raises thousands of dollars for cancer research. The Makeover Wish team surprises him with a bedroom of his own, with plenty of space for his new creations.