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Featuring top designers, remarkable transformations and plenty of raw emotion, Makeover Wish performs $25,000 room makeovers for truly deserving individuals in need of a break. After sending their targets off on a surprise weekend getaway, the expert crew creates a superbly executed showpiece in just 72 hours. From a fabulous new bedroom to the world's coolest family room, every lavish detail is geared to enhance everyday life through beauty, function and design that is a gift of a lifetime.

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Today at 2|1c AM

This Episode: Rick The Rescuer

Hundreds of lives have been saved thanks to the efforts of this volunteer Search and Rescue team manager. Now the Search and Rescue team he leads, take charge and help create a stunning family room to relax in.

Today at 2:30|1:30c AM

This Episode: The Generous Carpenter

In their spare time, these former school teachers have helped repair many houses in their town, including a massive renovation to a home for adults with intellectual disabilities. This couple is overcome with emotion as The Makeover Wish team thanks them with a magnificent basement.

Today at 7|6c PM

This Episode: Speaking From The Heart

A motivational speaker with Cerebral Palsy helps others overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities. As someone who was bullied as a child, hes passionate about making a difference in the lives of kids. The Makeover Wish team makes a difference in his life by giving his neglected home a much-needed face-lift.