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Neat is a dramatic makeover series that transforms interior spaces and people's lives. Our host's goal is to make space for what matters most. She gives us practical organizing solutions and a glamorous reveal.

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This Episode: Room Of Shame

Lea and Maurizio have been married just over a year and moved into their first home this past summer. But Maurizio is a neat freak and Lea is a procrastinator who lets the clutter pile up. Her pack-rat sensibility has become a thorn in Maurizios side so much so that he has relegated all of Leas clutter to the guestroom. The goal now is to purge what is unnecessary and create a room fit for guests, not clutter. To make space, Hellen shows Lea how to store and access seldom used items. Now this hip, urban couple can entertain shamelessly.

Tomorrow at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Clutter Comfort

Michal, 29, is single and has been living in a small, junior one-bedroom apartment for a year. Her apartment is jammed with stuff, and she admits that she has felt disorganized since she was a child living with her single mother on a meager income. Michal has surrounded herself with the things that make her feel comfortable and secure- but her apartment is so small that comfortable and secure has become cluttered and messy. Hellen helps Michal find the confidence necessary to purge and then organize without feeling like shes losing something.

Thursday, January 29th at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Messy Maria

Maria lives in a good-sized one bedroom apartment. A lover of Goodwill, dollar stores and moving sales, Maria has accumulated an impressive collection of things that take up every square inch of her apartment. The clutter situation all came to a head when Marias boyfriend decided to move in with her. He couldnt cope with her mess and moved out after two months. While her desire to organize her environment is not an attempt on her part to get back together with her boyfriend, she realizes that if she wants to attract a healthy relationship, she needs to clean-up and organize her life. With Hellens help, Maria can learns the skills she needs to develop a functional and tidy environment and create the positive energy she needs to be successful both professionally and personally.