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Neat is a dramatic makeover series that transforms interior spaces and people's lives. Our host's goal is to make space for what matters most. She gives us practical organizing solutions and a glamorous reveal.

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This Episode: Blast From The Past

Getting the past out into the open and having a laugh over it can be an easy way to let go. Newlyweds Angela and Phillip have just settled into their new home with their newborn baby, but shadows from Angelas past lurk in the basement. A dizzying array of boxes of childhood memorabilia, old school books and wedding photos, is stockpiled in what should be the home office. As a result, the rest of the basement space is poorly used and Angela and Phillip are frustrated by their space. In this amusing episode of Neat, Hellen and Angela go on a trip down memory lane and over some laughs and tears, Angela finally lets go of her past to make room for her future. Spotlight on preserving your memorabilia in a decorative shadow box coffee table, how to store your holiday decorations and efficient laundry room set-up.

Today at 4:30|3:30c AM

This Episode: Seasonal Clutter

Its spring! And theres nothing like a change of season to change the way you look at your home. Heidi and Geoff are heads of a busy, active family but the areas where all their gear is stored are so cluttered, they may end up spending the season inside. Without proper systems, seasonal changeover has become such a challenge that Heidi and Geoff find themselves putting away Christmas ornaments in June and locating sun-hats in February. In this special episode, Hellen takes on Heidi and Geoffs cluttered garage and front entry-way and gives them organizing systems that smooth the seasonal transitions. Spotlight on zoning your garage with space-maximizing solutions and how-to start the day off right from a launch pad.

Tomorrow at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Hands Off My Stuff!

Gina is battling a lifelong addiction to clutter and needs neat to help her break the habit. Purging is focused on the guestroom and kitchen, with the hope that once Gina is able to see what she has, she will stop buying what she doesnt need. Hellen shows Gina the basics of action files - what will be the start of a realistic, day-to-day organizing system.


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