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Neat is a dramatic makeover series that transforms interior spaces and people's lives. Our host's goal is to make space for what matters most. She gives us practical organizing solutions and a glamorous reveal.

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Today at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Lofty Mess

When Max moved from cramped living quarters in Japan to a spacious Toronto loft, he squandered precious living space by piling everything into mountains of clutter.In this episode of Neat, Hellen shows Max how to combat his clutter by using zones to organize and maintain his stunning open concept loft. Spotlight on: How to organize a sea of techno-wires and how to take advantage of the height in a loft space for vertical storage.

Tomorrow at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Magnet for Clutter

Keeping your kids stuff close is not necessarily a way to keep your family together. Karins eldest daughter has just left the nest to start her own life and Karin feels nostalgic about the kids still living at home. As a result, shes allowed everyone and all their things to invade her and her husbands master bedroom. The lack of boundaries has turned the bedroom into a giant magnet for clutter attracting detritus from all over the house. Hellen helps Karin reclaim her space and tame the clutter without adversely affecting the familys relationship. Spotlight on how to create project boxes for on-going, multifaceted projects and establishing ground rules for Mom and Dads room.

Monday, August 25th at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Clutter with Character

Getting back to work can be tough for new moms. Laura is a well-traveled and accomplished writer who wants to resume her career from her bedroom office. But since motherhood, her space has exploded into a hazardous collision of collectibles and clutter. Hellen puts Laura back on course by dividing her bedroom into distinct child-safe zones designed to honor her eclectic taste and literary talent. Spotlight on; how to childproof your bedroom and how to display your treasured collections without cluttering your space.