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Neat is a dramatic makeover series that transforms interior spaces and people's lives. Our host's goal is to make space for what matters most. She gives us practical organizing solutions and a glamorous reveal.

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Tomorrow at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: My Big Fat House Merger

Sarah is a warm and bubbly 31-year-old who is moving in with her boyfriend Michel. She is also about to become a step-parent to Michels three kids, who will live with them on alternating weeks. After moving in all her belongings, Sarah comes to terms with the stark truth: not only does she have to get rid of the clothes and sentimental knickknacks shes been hoarding for years, but Michels house is going to need a serious overhaul if shes going to do more than just slide in unnoticed.

Friday, August 1st at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: 12 Going on Cluttered

Amelia is excited about becoming a teen but has yet to say goodbye to her little girl bedroom, which overflows with keepsakes, stuffed animals and furniture inherited from mom. In this emotional episode of neat, Hellen helps Amelia and her mom let go of one phase of their lives and welcome in another. She also shows the family how to make functional use of cubbies in a shared home office and how to preserve memories without sacrificing space.

Saturday, August 2nd at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: High Anxiety

Pat is having panic attacks about the clutter in her household and she wont let visitors in. Life before neat includes hamsters and kids toys competing for space in the living room, three TVs piled one on top of the other in the master bedroom, and a closet requiring an archeological dig to unearth clothes and shoes. Pat and husband Shawn are anxious but brave during an eventful purge where Hellen stays close by Pats side to keep her calm and focused. In this episode, Hellen tackles the closet head-on and presents handy tips and inventive solutions with a special feature on shoe storage. She also unveils an innovative hidden office, ideal for homes with limited space.