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Neat is a dramatic makeover series that transforms interior spaces and people's lives. Our host's goal is to make space for what matters most. She gives us practical organizing solutions and a glamorous reveal.

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This Episode: Love By Clutter

De-cluttering can actually re-kindle a relationship! AnnaMaries clutter is a bone of contention between her and her husband Duncan. In an effort to keep the rest of the home tidy, she has turned their master bedroom into a disastrous dumping zone for everything that doesnt have a place elsewhere in the house.In this episode of Neat, Hellen teaches AnnaMarie to respect her bedroom and shows her and Duncan how to prioritize their shared space and their relationship. Spotlight on: How to determine which magazine storage solution suits you best; and how to store off-season clothing year-round.

Tomorrow at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Upsize This

Buying a bigger house wont necessarily solve your clutter problems. Nathalie and Mark recently upsized to their dream home, but even though theres more space, theyre frustrated by all the clutter. Utensils and paperwork mingle in their kitchen and their spare room is boxed in by belongings that weren't edited before they moved. With Hellens help, Nathalie and Mark unpack their boxes and learn organizing solutions from the ground up. Spotlight on: how to create a guest welcome basket; and keeping a home running smoothly with a House Manager.

Thursday, April 2nd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Breaking Free

People who have experienced loss sometimes comfort themselves with clutter. Roberts home and family life are being affected by his strong emotional attachment to "stuff", a tendency that's tied to his family's experience as detainees during WWII. Since recently downsizing, Robert has had to confront the fact that his collections are crowding out his family and he's strongly motivated to make a difficult life change. In this episode of Neat, Hellen helps Robert to overcome his attachment to clutter and to make space for his family instead. Spotlight on: How to use some simple rules to prevent clutter build-up.