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Each episode of On the Spot is a lightning fast game of entertaining trivia from different categories, including: untold history, globetrotting, origins, supernatural, in sickness and in health, myths, now and then, record setters, mad science and bad ideas. The answers will amaze you. On the Spotit's quite simply everything you need to know about everything!

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Tomorrow at 10|9c PM

This Episode: Ridiculous Theories, Untold History, Origins

From debunking ridiculous theories about land, sea, and air, to untold history on assassination attempts, famous wars, and peace treaties, to the origins or Mardi Gras beads, throwing rice, and the French dip sandwich.

Tomorrow at 10:30|9:30c PM

This Episode: Mystery Solved, Problem & Solution, Record Breakers

Mystery Solved, Problem & Solution, Record Breakers From the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, fairy rings and why some stones seem to move by themselves, to the solutions for persistent household problems, to some of the worlds great records involving fishing, rubber bands, and hula hoops.

Tuesday, February 21st at 10|9c PM

This Episode: Globetrotting, Now And Then, What Itã¢â‚¬â„¢s Worth

From the worlds most expensive bridges, to the fastest way to get from country to country, to the cost of a first-class parlor suite ticket on the infamous Titanic.