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Each episode of On the Spot is a lightning fast game of entertaining trivia from different categories, including: untold history, globetrotting, origins, supernatural, in sickness and in health, myths, now and then, record setters, mad science and bad ideas. The answers will amaze you. On the Spotit's quite simply everything you need to know about everything!

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Today at 11|10c PM

This Episode: Supernatural, Bad Ideas, On The Menu

From close encounters with aliens, to traditions involving rolling cheese down hills and shin-kicking, to the history behind one the most beloved menu items: the sandwich.

Today at 11:30|10:30c PM

This Episode: What Might Have Been, Oddities, Myths

From what might have occurred if certain events in history hadnt happened, to what its like to ride in a paternoster, to busting some of the most outrageous myths about sleep, earthquakes, and the speed of light.

Tomorrow at 11|10c PM

This Episode: Globetrotting, Get Creative, Identify This!

From skydiving in some of the worlds most exotic places, to exploring some of the most artistic residences from around the globe, to identifying treasures from unexpected places.