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Each episode of On the Spot is a lightning fast game of entertaining trivia from different categories, including: untold history, globetrotting, origins, supernatural, in sickness and in health, myths, now and then, record setters, mad science and bad ideas. The answers will amaze you. On the Spotit's quite simply everything you need to know about everything!

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Tomorrow at 11|10c PM

This Episode: Now And Then, Identify This, Into The Wild

From finding out who has it better: young people now, or those from 40 years ago. to identifying some of the far from latest fashions, to adventuring into the wild to put a name on some strange animals.

Tomorrow at 11:30|10:30c PM

This Episode: What Could Have Been, What Itã¢â‚¬â„¢s Worth, Globetrotting

From which South American city was once a European capital, to learning what it will cost you if you want to ride on some of the worlds most famous trains, to trotting around the globe in search of some of the most confusing places to visit.

Tuesday, May 30th at 11|10c PM

This Episode: The Inventions, Bad Ideas

From uncovering some of the worlds best inventions such as the spinning wheel, carding machine, and first mechanical calculator, to looking into some of the worst ideas that were given a patent, to some of the most surprising statistics about the world around us.