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Each episode of the series has Murtz on the hunt for answers to a particular “big picture” question in the realm of reality television. To get his story, Murtz tracks down and interviews anyone and everyone from producers, reality celebs, agents, studio executives, limo drivers, and even hotel security staff... And, let’s not forget his fellow reality obsessed fans!

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This Episode: Backstage Pass

The hit reality show Sunset Tan provides us with a juicy inside look at Hollywoods hottest tanning industry. The stars of that show are shown under immense pressure as they service some of the highest profile celebrities by day and party it hard by night. Its the ultimate life in the fast lane and for reality televisions biggest fan its about to become a whole new world! Murtz Jaffer gets a job at Sunset Tan and finally answers the burning question: Why is Sunset Tan THE place to find all this delicious drama. But can Murtz handle the reality of this reality show?

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This Episode: The Ultimate Casting Tape

Jonny Fairplay is the most notable villain and liar in Reality TV. But Murtz Jaffer is willing to trust him to produce his audition tape for Survivor. With the help of Tian Kitchen from the Amazing Race and Michelle Yi and Bobby Mason from Survivor, Jonny puts Murtz through the wringer to produce a fail-proof audition tape.

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This Episode: The 16th Minute

Tammy Trenta of the Apprentice launched her successful design business the night she was fired. Rupert Boneham opened a hot record label using his star status and winnings on Survivor. As Reality TVs number one fan, Murtz explores the branding of Reality Stars and their personas to see how some of them manage to milk their 15 minutes and go onto fame and fortune. Enlisting the help of comedian Paul Marturano, Paula Abduls Stalker on American Idol, Murtz cooks up a plan to market his own reality persona in the hopes of extending his own reality run.