Reality Obsessed

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Each episode of the series has Murtz on the hunt for answers to a particular “big picture” question in the realm of reality television. To get his story, Murtz tracks down and interviews anyone and everyone from producers, reality celebs, agents, studio executives, limo drivers, and even hotel security staff... And, let’s not forget his fellow reality obsessed fans!

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Today at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Spinning

Why do some reality show stars go supernova with spin-offs and some just fade away? Is there a certain reality it factor that makes one girl amongst a gaggle of bachelorettes/ flavorettes/ love buslorettes stand out and go on to have their own show or is it all just timing and luck of the producer draw? Why is there a Daisy of Love, A Beverly Hills Groomer, an I Love New York, A Brooke Knows best, a Kendra and yet no Holly or so many of the other reality stars who seemed to shine so brightly and then fizzled into background Obscurity? Murtz thinks he can spot the spin off super stars before they start spinning or even after they are off the air. With Murtzs guidance, a few fading stars, once bright and set to spin, may realize their full explosive reality potential. Are reality stars made or born? Is there a reality star system and if so, can Murtz crack it? Can Reality TVs biggest fan recognize it when he sees it and, does Murtz have the momentum to get spinning himself?

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This Episode: Shape Shifting

What makes a reality star a hero? Is it the ones who go on challenge shows like Survivor and Fear Factor? Or are they the ones that face their fears in public? Wouldnt facing your biggest fears in front of millions of people make overcoming an emotional or physical dread even more frightening? And who does the public root for? Are the true heroes the reality stars who are battling with production created scenarios, like the Amazing Race, or the people who are battling their own inner, or often outer, demons from their daily lives like The Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club?

Today at 6|5c AM

This Episode: All Stars Ii

The second Annual Murtz All Star competition. New top stars, new challenges, and the Murtz Most Valuable Player trophy up for grabs again! Only this time there might be a little Wipe Out element added to heighten the stakes!