Reality Obsessed

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Each episode of the series has Murtz on the hunt for answers to a particular “big picture” question in the realm of reality television. To get his story, Murtz tracks down and interviews anyone and everyone from producers, reality celebs, agents, studio executives, limo drivers, and even hotel security staff... And, let’s not forget his fellow reality obsessed fans!

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Saturday, January 21st at 6|5c AM

This Episode: Reality Of Truth

Yau-Man Chan swears he doesnt hate Dreamz for possibly the greatest screw-over in Survivor history. But no one believed him. Jerri Manthy was painted as Survivors biggest bitch for accusing a fellow participant of smuggling beef jerky on the game. That famous incident has never been cleared up. Audrey Evans and Kristen Kirchner took feuding on the Apprentice to a whole new level. No one knew if it was real or just for the show drama. Murtz Jaffer, Reality TVs expert and number one fan, is on the mission of his life as he enlists a lie-detector expert to help him get to the truth behind these iconic TV moments that shaped the face of Reality TV. In true homage to The Moment of Truth, Murtz convinces the stars to strap in and tell the truth. But is he ready for the answers? One way or another, these mysteries will be solved for all the fans once and for all.

Saturday, January 21st at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Murtz’s Soul Mate

Can you truly find a perfect match on a TV show? Why do bachelors pick one girl and then end up with another? One of the hottest discussions in reality TV is the level of romantic success on shows like the Bachelor. Can you really find your soul mate on reality TV? Murtz puts himself through the test, and, with the help of a Casting Director from the top love finding shows, embarks on his very own mini-Bachelor experiment to find his own match.

Sunday, January 22nd at 4|3c AM

This Episode: Role Model

Could Murtz pull off GQ? Shows like Americas Next Top Model give us the illusion that anyone can go from duckling to swan for the cameras. All he needs is a look. Murtz gets an insider look at how a team of professionals, proper lighting and a top fashion photographer can work magic on him! Can the biggest reality fan impress a panel of Top Model / Runway stars?