Reality Obsessed

On Next: Saturday, July 1st at 7|6c AM

Each episode of the series has Murtz on the hunt for answers to a particular “big picture” question in the realm of reality television. To get his story, Murtz tracks down and interviews anyone and everyone from producers, reality celebs, agents, studio executives, limo drivers, and even hotel security staff... And, let’s not forget his fellow reality obsessed fans!

Upcoming Episodes

Saturday, July 1st at 7|6c AM

This Episode: Role Model

Could Murtz pull off GQ? Shows like Americas Next Top Model give us the illusion that anyone can go from duckling to swan for the cameras. All he needs is a look. Murtz gets an insider look at how a team of professionals, proper lighting and a top fashion photographer can work magic on him! Can the biggest reality fan impress a panel of Top Model / Runway stars?

Saturday, July 1st at 7:30|6:30c AM

This Episode: Back Stabbing

Some of the greatest moments of reality TV are the betrayals. The breaking of alliances. The selling out of the partner. Murtz loves this stuff. Could the reality TV expert track down the participants of the most iconic and famous betrayals in history of reality TV and get them to talk to each other. Could they burry the hatchet? After seeing his heroes do it could Murtz find a way to make up with someone he believed hurt him?

Sunday, July 2nd at 5|4c AM

This Episode: The Pet Whisperer

Some of the most successful shows are pet oriented. Murtz explores the mass appeal of shows like the Its me or the Dog and At The End Of My Leash. Hell find out from the participants and hosts of these shows how REAL the transformation is. Is it just for TV or do the participants get a life changing experience? But can Murtz overcome his own deathly fear of animalsyes even kittens!