Renovate My Wardrobe

Fashion Victim, Clutter Victim … You have no idea what is in your closet.  It's where you hide things, dump things, it's a deep sea of out of date clothing.  When you need an outfit you buy a brand new one – and not the right one. The closet is the symbol of your procrastination.

Right?    …     Not on our watch.

Renovate My Wardrobe is not only going to nip, tuck and recondition that "out of date sea of clothing" into a manageable streamlined set of up to the date outfits (while spending less than the price of one new outfit), but we are going to give those clothes a new home as well.

One part of the team will focus on the clothes; the other is all about the closet. A top designer along with his buff and sometimes sweaty crew will take your ramshackle solution closet and turn into the diva domain it deserves to be.

While the other part is all about turning your "old and tired" into "new and admired".

Renovate your closet. Renovate your Wardrobe. Renovate your style. Renovate you. That's us.