Room to Grow

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Amanda Eaton and Carson Arthur are the hosts of this outdoor makeover show that really does make the most of the outdoor space you may not be using to its fullest potential.

Amanda brings her unique stylings and vision to each garden makeover with her use of color and furniture, and Carson is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he digs right in and executes the garden alongside his crew.

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Today at 6|5c PM

This Episode: Beyond Curb Appeal

In this episode, landscaper Carson Arthur and decorator Amanda Eaton take on an unusual project as they are asked to bring all of the landscaping and design elements of a back garden to the front yard... creating a room where the homeowner can entertain or relax and watch the world go by.

Today at 6:30|5:30c PM

This Episode: A Quiet Place

In this episode, decorator Amanda Eaton and landscaper Carson Arthur bring elements of a Zen garden to a small urban courtyard. Sand, wood, rock, water, minimal plantings and Asian furnishings are strategically placed to instill a sense of relaxation and contemplation... its a quiet place to escape in the heart of the city. Guests: Scott & Saolan

Today at 11|10c PM

This Episode: Rooms With A View

In this episode, landscaper Carson Arthur and decorator Amanda Eaton create several rooms on a wide open rooftop terrace that boasts a spectacular view of the city. Unique planters divide the rooms, the furnishings define the spaces and an arbor provides a little privacy... its the ultimate, outdoor, bachelor pad.