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In this fast paced, fun and moving half-hour of relationship-renovation-reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist Hina Khan & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who've been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts! They broker peace between family and home in this holistic approach with heartwarming and beautiful results.

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Tomorrow at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Lost in Toyland

Christine and Rob are an active couple with two small children. Their home is cozy and comfortable but ever since the upstairs family room was converted into a bedroom for their daughter all the childrens toys have ended up all over the house. A place is needed where the children can play and Christine and Rob can just relax. Can Hina and Dylan help this family cut through the clutter and create a space they can all enjoy together?

Sunday, November 2nd at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Split Level Family

Tim and Dawn were married last year and with the happy union came Tims three children. The newlyweds needed to find a home that would suit all of them. They purchased a split level home with lots of space... or at least that is what they thought. Now the children all seem to be in each others faces and Dawn needs a sanctuary where she can get away from it all. Can Hina and Dylan find a way to blend this stepfamily together?

Monday, November 3rd at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Tug O War

Joanne and Murray purchased their first home together last year. They bought a real fixer upper and started doing their own renovations, but quickly ran out of time and money. Their unfinished home has been causing friction between this fiery couple. They both have very different taste Joanne likes nice things and Murray is always one to pinch a penny. Can Hina and Dylan help this princess and pauper to finish any of their home renovations?