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In this fast paced, fun and moving half-hour of relationship-renovation-reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist Hina Khan & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who've been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts! They broker peace between family and home in this holistic approach with heartwarming and beautiful results.

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Today at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Divided We Fall

Heres one family thats coming apart at the seams. Reserved British-born Richard and his irrepressible wife Halina are busy raising her two lively teenagers and their 6 year old daughter. The arguments started after the family moved into a two-storey home in Little Italy, and they havent stopped. Halina absolutely hates the kitchen, and with good cause.. For some inexplicable reason, the major work units of stove, sink and fridge are not in the actual kitchen but are crammed in a small mudroom off the back of the house. Sparks literally fly every time Halina tries to make dinner and when moms upset, everyone feels it. It doesnt help that straight-laced Roger keeps talking about saving money and doing chores. The teenagers roll their eyes, Halina is fed up and Roger feels left out.

Tomorrow at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Opa

Meet my big unhappy, angry, guilt-ridden Greek family. Patty and Rob purchased their suburban bungalow several years ago so Patty could care for her invalid mom, Stella. Grandma now lives in the spacious lower level while Patty, Rob and their two kids are crowded upstairs. The kids are now teenagers, space is tight and the tension in the family has reached the boiling point. The kids complain bitterly theres nowhere for them to hang out with their friends, and they resent all the sacrifices the family has had to make so mom could look after Stella. The whole family is in turmoil. Patty is a passionate woman plagued by guilt and anger. Her children feel that their mom has left their needs in the dust for grandma and theyre fed up. Rob tries to get everyone to get along without success, and the entire family is almost always on the verge of tears.

Tuesday, April 28th at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Heartbreak Hotel

To keep her family together, Homa gave up the comforts of a suburban home to move into a house that was closer to her kids university. But now the home that was supposed to keep them together is threatening to tear them apart. In desperate need of work, the main floor of the house is a disaster and the few efforts made by the family to fix it have only made things worse. Despite her love of entertaining, Homa is so embarrassed that shes never invited anyone over. The kids are always out and mom is left alone to stare at the shabby rooms around her. After struggling to raise them on her own, Homa is less than thrilled with her kids constant arguing and bickering. All bright, opinionated individuals, they prefer to blame one another for the state of house rather than work together to find a solution. Its heartbreaking for this devoted mom to see her family being torn apart by the stresses and tensions of living in a dump.