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In this fast paced, fun and moving half-hour of relationship-renovation-reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist Hina Khan & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who've been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts! They broker peace between family and home in this holistic approach with heartwarming and beautiful results.

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Today at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Just A Tenant

When Joanne moved into to Roccos home this past December, they both believed they would be starting a new life together. A fun loving couple with lots in common, this seemed the next natural step in their relationship. Instead, Joanne is faced with an overstuffed home with no room for her own belongings, and an outdated dcor that Rocco is unwilling to change. Now, Joanne is living out of her car, and Roccos worried she might not be there for long unless something changes. Can Hina and Dylan help this couple reconnect and create a space they can call their own, or will Joanne be left feeling like just a tenant?

Tomorrow at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: After The Flood

Lorraine and Jeffs family home was decimated by two floods in the past few years. Unable to face the cost or the drama of re-finishing their basement rec room for a third time, the home they share with their two boys has been reduced by half its size. With the entire family, girlfriends, neighbors and a barking dog all fighting for space in their main floor living room, tensions are running high. To make matters worse, Jeff and Lorraine are fighting almost daily over the family finances, so much so their youngest son, Mitchell has taken to hiding out in his bedroom. Can Hina and Dylan restore this family and their home to what they once were in the days before the floods?

Monday, February 2nd at 6:30|5:30c AM

This Episode: Unfinished Business

When Greg and Jennifer moved their family clear across the country, Jennifer discovered her husband had purchased not just a house shed never seen, but all its contents as well. With twice the furniture and less room than they were used to, Greg and Jennifer have had a hard time settling in. Their basement rec room looks like a furniture store instead of a play area; theres a dining table in their bedroom; and, almost every room is under construction. As they struggle to juggle career, family, and an overload of furniture, this couple is missing out on quality time with their three boys, and even more so with each other. Can Hina and Dylan help this family reconnect and turn their unfinished house into a welcoming home?