Save Us From Our House

On Next: Saturday, December 5th at 3:30|2:30c PM

In this fast paced, fun and moving half-hour of relationship-renovation-reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist Hina Khan & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who've been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts! They broker peace between family and home in this holistic approach with heartwarming and beautiful results.

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Saturday, December 5th at 3:30|2:30c PM

This Episode: Anniversary For Adversaries

Helena and Fred will have been married for almost 44 years and lately they have been lacking love. They spend a lot of time trying to avoid one another, as all they do is argue. They have lived in the same house for 30 years but recently it seems a lot smaller. Can Hina and Dylan help this couple solve some space issues and make it to their upcoming anniversary?

Saturday, December 5th at 4|3c PM

This Episode: Family Blender

Sandy and Alex were married last year and found all the happiness theyd been waiting for. Alex and his daughter moved into the home that Sandy shared with her 2 children. Now this five person blended family is sharing a home that just comfortably fits three. Sandy and Alex want to be together, but not like this. Can Hina and Dylan help this new family get comfortable with each other and their new space?

Saturday, December 5th at 4:30|3:30c PM

This Episode: Do It All Mom

Anna is a single mom raising two children. The catch is that her children are grown adults and they refuse to help out around the house. The family is all on separate schedules and Anna is becoming overwhelmed with the daily up keep. Can Hina and Dylan help Anna finish any of her unfinished projects, hopefully with some help from her children?


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