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In this fast paced, fun and moving half-hour of relationship-renovation-reality TV, the house saving team of Relationship Strategist Hina Khan & Contractor Dylan Marcel respond to frantic families who've been suffering in their space, driving them all nuts! They broker peace between family and home in this holistic approach with heartwarming and beautiful results.

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Today at 2|1c PM

This Episode: Sibling Squabbles

When Peggy and her three brothers bought a house together, they thought it would be like living back home. Instead, they are faced with endless household tasks, an unfurnished space, and four different opinions how to deal with it. To make matters worse, Peggy will be moving out soon, and she fears her three brothers will quickly turn the place into a fraternity house. Can Hina and Dylan help these siblings find a middle ground and turn their haphazard house into an inviting home?

Tomorrow at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Two’s A Crowd

Too close for comfortthats the case for a brother and sister about to hit the pre-teen hormone stage. Hayden and his twin sister Paige share a bedroom and the nine year olds are now fighting more than ever. They and their single mom Brenda live in a cozy, two-storey home, which although perfect when the kids were little, is now definitely cramping their style. Stressed and exhausted, poor Brenda finds herself pulled in every direction as she struggles to raise two kids with special needs, who are getting just too old to share the same bedroom. She is at her wits end and has no clue how to help the kids, herself or the house. Can Hina and Dylan find a way to give Brenda a break and give the kids the space they need?

Tomorrow at 2|1c PM

This Episode: Tavern Woes

Larry and Cecelia's new home is causing them lots of family friction. With homework happening at the kitchen table and hockey equipment lining the living room floor, the entire family is having a hard time getting organized. Watch Hina whip them into shape as Dylan turn their family's tacky basement tavern into a happy haven.