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Host Wendy Russell demonstrates that crafting is fun, easy and a great cost-efficient way to liven up the home, as well as offering up tips like how to knit a laptop bag or reinventing ways to reuse an old t-shirt.

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Tomorrow at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Just Give'r

Host Wendy Russell gets you into the spirit of giving with do-it-yourself gifts guaranteed to blow away your friends and not your budget. Wendy transforms a picture frame into a cool tray perfect for holiday parties and whips up a pair of stylish cufflinks for her dad. Finally, special Guest and crafty beauty expert Mashiah Vaughn drops by to share her secret recipe for a homemade spa gift that every woman will want.

Tomorrow at 2|1c AM

This Episode: All Things 'L'

Its an episode of all things L - Luminous Lamps, Leather and LPs. Sounds like a 70s burlesque club, right? Nope! Host Wendy Russell crafts up a gorgeous lampshade made from vintage slides, a designer-inspired leather cuff purse youll love, and Trash-to-treasure crafter Steve Dodds comes over to turn LPs into a super stylish mail organizer.

Saturday, April 26th at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Chillaxin'

Why settle for cookie cutter designs when you can make something fabulously unique yourself? Host Wendy Russell shares stylish ways to update and beautify your home. In this episode, Wendy crafts up a very modern set of bedside tables and a darling yet useful lap desk. Craft queen Leah Kramer comes over to reuse and recraft a discarded cigar box into a stunner of a jewelry box.