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Host Wendy Russell demonstrates that crafting is fun, easy and a great cost-efficient way to liven up the home, as well as offering up tips like how to knit a laptop bag or reinventing ways to reuse an old t-shirt.

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Tomorrow at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Crafty Idol

Attention all Grease fans! Host Wendy Russell stops by backstage to talk crafts with her idol, Actress & Singer Olivia Newton-John. Learn how to make two gorgeous crafts Wendy gives as gifts to Olivia: a luxurious but simple lavender eye pillow and an inspiring piece of message art to hang on your wall. And to top it all off, Wendy transforms boring old side tables into stylish, modern shelves, with the help from her little sister Toby.

Tomorrow at 2|1c AM

This Episode: Craft Outside the Box

Craft expert Wendy Russell invites her girlfriend Wendy over (yes, you read that right another Wendy), to create the perfect spot to display your favorite pictures using a camera tripod! Next, Wendy puts leftover corks to good use, and turns them into fabulous and functional cork board for your home office. Plus Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo, shows Wendy how to use glitter to its full potential with a sparkling 'love shrine'.

Sunday, April 20th at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Rock 'n' Roll Baby

Craft goddess Wendy Russell creates fresh designs that add some rock n' roll glam to your tots surroundings, and also make fantastic gifts! Hang up a fabulous shelf using a pre-loved thrift-store snowboard, make the latest design in baby mobiles and special guest, designer Suze Katz, shows how to recycle sweatshirts into a hip baby blanket!