So Chic

So Chic with hosts Steven Sabados, and Chris Hyndman, shows everyday women how to be chic on a shoe-string budget.

Steven and Chris to the rescue! Hosts Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman have the knowledge, skill, flair, and savvy urban know-how to achieve great style at any cost. They'll show each woman how to be "so chic" on any budget. With the higher budget it's all about the fantasy of indulging your fashion dreams and finding the perfect outfit just for you. On the lower budget—it's all about knowing how to dress for your best assets and how super smart shopping tips can show you how to get great style at any cost.

Take two women; sisters, best friends, co-workers or stay-at-home moms, give them a budget of either $500 or $2000, a fashion savvy host as their shopping date, an invite to an exclusive event and a fashion challenge—to make each woman look equally gorgeous—all in a one day head-to-toe personal makeover.