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Southern Fried Fitness is all about falling in love with The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle - that is, living Clean and Healthy 80% of the time but always saving 20% for a guilt free Southern Indulgence. If you are looking for common sense, down-to-earth advice about changing your lifestyle, then this is for you.

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Tomorrow at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Keeping It Clean With Smothered Country Fried Steak

A true Southerner takes pride in having more than enough food to go around. Big Eatin is always better than re-fined eating. Variety, quantity and flavor will always be a trademark of the Old South. In this episode of Southern Fried Fitness Robin Cleans Up two classic southern recipes and shows how to turn old habits into new passions.

Tomorrow at 9:30|8:30c AM

This Episode: Feed Your Figure Right With This Designer Dinner

People come in all shapes and sizes. In this episode of Southern Fried Fitness, Robin shares her commitment to helping individuals embrace their body type and understand the best nutrition.

Tuesday, May 30th at 9|8c AM

This Episode: Call Me Butter Cuzã¢â‚¬â„¢ Iã¢â‚¬â„¢m On A Roll- Enjoy These Cleaned Up Southern Classics

In this episode of Southern Fried Fitness, Robin will Clean Up two classic Southern dishes and explain steps to Learn, Master, and TEACH the gift of health! As always, stay tuned in the end for Robins Southern Indulgence.