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Southern Fried Fitness is all about falling in love with The Southern Fried Fitness Lifestyle - that is, living Clean and Healthy 80% of the time but always saving 20% for a guilt free Southern Indulgence. If you are looking for common sense, down-to-earth advice about changing your lifestyle, then this is for you.

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Today at 7|6c AM

This Episode: Keeping It €œclean” In A Dirty World

How does one go about Cleaning Up their diets? Robin introduces the basics of clean eating with two easy to prepare dishes anyone can master. Once you are pointed in the right direction, Robin shares some steps that will help you along your way to a Cleaner healthier 80/20 Lifestyle. As always, expect a sweet treat in the end.

Today at 7:30|6:30c AM

This Episode: Schoolade! Learning To Eat Clean

The bell has rung and school is in session. In this episode of Southern Fried Fitness, Robin breaks down the importance of nutrition in our lives and helps us gain perspective. She prepares two dishes that are Green and Clean and will leave you wanting more. Once your perspective is clear, Robin introduces techniques to help overcome old habits and start building new ones! As always, expect a sweet treat in the end!

Tomorrow at 7|6c AM

This Episode: Maximize Your Workouts With Robin’s Pre And Post Work Recipes

Being a Lean-Mean-Fighting Machine means taking your nutrition to the next level. In this episode of Southern Fried Fitness, Robin introduces us to pre and post strength training foods designed to repair, replenish and maximize your weight lifting efforts. This episode has a special treat you wont want to miss!