Til Debt Do Us Part

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With ninety percent of marriages breaking up because of money problems, it's no surprise that many couples are in desperate need of help tackling their financial issues. In Til Debt Do Us Part, renowned financial author and columnist, Gail Vaz-Oxlade takes a tough-love approach to getting couples in financial crisis to face reality. With the sensitivity of a therapist and the toughness of a CFO, Gail asks hard questions and pushes couples to face each other and reality. Some couples are on the verge of bankruptcy - others are just getting by, but headed for disaster - either way, they all learn how to work their way out of debt and get the skills they need to plan for their financial future.

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Today at 9|8c PM

This Episode: Social Handout, Student Hangover

20-somethings Jeff and Tara are both Social Workers who spend a lot of time giving. Providing primary support care for a teen, they have nearly all of their housing costs covered, but they still manage to fritter away their income on over-the-top weekends where they maximize their quality time together. They dream about one-day tying the knot but with debt of nearly $90,000, their dreams are on hold. Tara wants Jeff to get serious and start controlling his impulses, while Jeff wants Tara to recognize the benefits of their current living situation and figure out how to make a dent in her massive student loans. Getting this couple on the road to adulthood requires teamwork and trust. Gail finds ways for Jeff and Tara to stop stalling and start supporting.

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This Episode: Blended Family Blues

Between them, Sharon and Brad have failed relationships, six kids and nearly $60,000 of debt. Theyre full of good intentions, but with Sharons unemployment, Brads financial foolishness, and a total lack of communication these two are at the breaking point. When faced with financial problems in the past, their solution was to separate their accounts and bills entirely, but that only proved to drive them further apart. In one of her most fiery challenges ever, Gail tries to provide this drifting couple with a second chance at love by forcing them to address the topics theyve been avoiding. Pushed to the limit, will Sharon and Brad learn how to depend on one another, or will their financial future go up in flames?

Tomorrow at 9|8c PM

This Episode: The Promise

Leslie and Jurgen are a couple in crisis. While they both clearly love their son, and each other, their on-going financial problems have driven a wedge between them thats so deep, it may be too late to bring them back together. Leslie feels isolated as she deals with the money and bills on her own, while Jurgen keeps himself intentionally in the dark. Gail has to get this couple back in touch with their money, but just its just as important that they focus on their relationship before deciding what their future will be.