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A home improvement show that offers straightforward information, inspires new ideas, and empowers knowledge to make your home a better place to live.

Join hosts Jeffrey Schmidt and Teresa Garrett as they show you how to fix and improve your house and home.

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Sunday, May 28th at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Episode 124

Start to Finish - Outdoor Bubbling Vase FountainDefinitely Design - Sun Shield Window CoveringsOut In the Open - Build a Handy Garden StoolGet this Gadget - Snap Together Terrace FloorCloser to Home - Install Hidden Sink Tip-Outs

Sunday, May 28th at 12:30|11:30c AM

This Episode: Episode 125

Start to Finish - Master Bathtub ReplacementDefinitely Design - Tile Floor & Glass Block WindowKid Friendly - Homemade Tufa Planter ProjectGet this Gadget - Sports Hooks & Space SaversCloser to Home - Kitchen Storage Solutions

Monday, May 29th at 12|11c AM

This Episode: Episode 126

Start to Finish - Pool Deck & Landscape Tear OutDefinitely Design - Installing Deck & LandscapePet Projects - Practical Gadgets for PetsStart to Finish - Installing New Rain GuttersCloser to Home - Outdoor Sprinklers & Drains